Wild Kiddo 24"

Vendor: Embassy

Series: Junior 24

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Wild KIDDO – oryginalny rower dla nieustraszonych chłopaków! Każdy dzień to nowa przygoda, wszystko wokół to pretekst do odkrywania nowych rzeczy, a energia aż kipi? Wild KIDDO tylko czeka na takiego małego właściciela. Prawdziwie męska kolorystyka i zawadiackie dodatki sprawiają, że ten rower to idealny kompan w przygodach małych rozrabiaków! Najlepszej jakości komponenty zapewnią pełne bezpieczeństwo i niezwykłą wygodę z użytkowania. 


The series of children's Embassy bikes was created primarily for the love of kids. We noticed shortages on the Polish market and we wanted to prove that bikes for the youngest do not have to be boring and similar to each other. This is how the Embassy KIDDO series was created - bicycles in which we care about the quality and safety of children, but we do not forget about good design. As with all Embassy projects also here we have been inspired by the United States. We remember the 1980s and 90s with great fondness and recall well how we admired the toys and everyday objects with flushed cheeks, including the bikes of our peers from across the ocean. Wider tires allow you to overcome obstacles easily. We realize how important it is in the constant adventure that childhood is! We also take care of the youngest’ spines and keep them decompressed thanks to the frame and the handlebar designed so that while cycling the body posture is very natural. Bicycles from the KIDDO series will surely become inseparable companions of everyday adventures and, in addition, very nice ones! After all, kids also love pretty items!


• Colors: specially designed for Embassy and unique: red, black and steel. Tires in black-grey  color with white rims, grips and the saddle - black, derailleurs and brake cables - white
• Lightweight frame, with a convenient, low standover height - easy getting on and off.
• Simple adjustment of the angle of inclination and height, both of the handlebar and the saddle - the possibility of perfect adjustment of the bike to personal needs.
• Wider tires and cushioned saddle - easy to move on any ground, not just in urban conditions. Trouble-free overcoming of curbs, irregularities and sand.
• The Moon handlebar, wider than the standard ones, guarantees a straight and natural posture while cycling - a balanced and relaxed spine, elbow joints and wrists as well as a straight back.
• Top quality components - (including Shimano Nexus, Sturmey Archer) - guarantee of failure-free.
• Extremely durable paint.
• The product is 100% build in Poland.
• 2-years guarantee.
• User age: 7-12 y/o


  • Frame: steel
  • Handlebar grips: rubber
  • Saddle Embassy: extra comfortable, wide, made of eco leather, w/Coil Steel Springs
  • Handlebar: Retro, bmx
  • Rims: alloy
  • Tires: 24"
  • Brakes: rear "coaster" + front V-brake
  • Bell: retro chrome
  • Pedals: plastic
  • Lights: front/rear – LED retro light
  • Number of gears: 1/3

User height: 120-145 cm

Producent zastrzega sobie prawo do zmiany specyfikacji opisanych i przedstawionych produktów bez uprzedzenia. Ze względu na ograniczenia strony www.embassybikes.com kolory mogą nieznacznie różnić się od rzeczywistego produktu.

Prezentowane zdjęcie przedstawia model rozbudowany o 3 biegową piastę Shimano Nexus.

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