La Brezza Simple

Deluxe Simple

Vendor: Embassy

Series: Cruiser Simple

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La Brezza Simple - If you only want, you can enrich the basic version of Simple with selected accessories from the Embassy additions offer. The La Brezza crusier project was born during a journey around sunny Italy, where we were constantly accompanied by the smell of freshly roasted coffee, hot air during the day and the evening bustle of narrow streets. The blue, pearl varnish that we used refers to the unusual colors of the sea and the sun reflecting in it. Try it and feel like you are on a Roman holiday!


Do you value minimalism? Are you looking for a simple bike, but you do not want to give up beautiful design and original color? The bike in this version is created for you! The Simple series are the most basic models in our offer, to which you can choose the accessories you like.
Wider tires and a cushioned bicycle saddle will increase the comfort of cycling, both in the city and on forest bike paths. Curbs, sand and even chuckholes are not an obstacle for this bike. In turn, wider than the standard, the Moon handlebar helps to maintain the natural position of the body while riding - the back is straight, and the elbows and wrists are balanced and relaxed. See for yourself!


• Colors: specially designed for Embassy and unique: blue pearl matt. Tires in black-white color with alloy rims, grips and the saddle - brown, derailleurs and brake cables - brown
• Lightweight frame made of 6061 aluminum used in aviation, with a convenient, low standover height - easy getting on and off.
• Simple adjustment of the angle of inclination and height, both of the handlebar and the saddle - the possibility of perfect adjustment of the bike to personal needs.
• Wider tires and cushioned saddle - easy to move on any ground, not just in urban conditions. Trouble-free overcoming of curbs, irregularities and sand.
• The Moon handlebar, wider than the standard ones, guarantees a straight and natural posture while cycling - a balanced and relaxed spine, elbow joints and wrists as well as a straight back.
• Top quality components - (including Shimano Nexus, Sturmey Archer) - guarantee of failure-free.
• Extremely durable paint.
• The product is 100% build in Poland.
• 2-years guarantee.

Producent zastrzega sobie prawo do zmiany specyfikacji opisanych i przedstawionych produktów bez uprzedzenia. Ze względu na ograniczenia strony kolory mogą nieznacznie różnić się od rzeczywistego produktu.

Prezentowane zdjęcie przedstawia model rozbudowany o 3 biegową piastę Shimano Nexus.

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